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    Exclusive Interview: Megan Abbott on Girls, Feminism, and Crime Fiction

    Today and I am very happy, excited and proud to welcome American author Megan Abbott to Books & Reviews. After reviewing her upcoming novel You Will Know Me (out next June), I contacted Megan to talk about her middle-class American girls signature narrative, feminism, and many other topics that I thought would be interesting for those of us who do feminism, crime fiction and female main characters. Welcome to Books & Reviews Megan, and thank you for everything: You have inscribed the female teenage experience in contemporary crime fiction inaugurating a new crime fiction subgenre. Why and when did you decide to start writing about female teenagers in such a…

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    You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

    I was one of the lucky readers to get a very early review copy of Megan Abbott‘s next novel, You Will Know Me, to be published in the UK on the 30th of June, 2016. I hit a reading slump and I had no idea how to get out of there. Simon Savidge was in a similar situation, and when author Paula Hawkins spotted us talking on Twitter – knowing me quite well – she recommended I gave Abbott’s novel a try. It just what I needed. Megan Abbott has had the infinite wisdom of spotting a silence in contemporary crime fiction and she has masterfully filled it: teenage girls.…

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    First Look: Meagan Abbott’s You Will Know Me (Out June 2016)

    Tonight I am inaugurating a new section on the blog. I have realised that I get a lot of review copies, and when they arrive I usually look at the edition, the cover design, maybe read a few pages, or the author’s bio if I don’t know them… So, it was time I shared this with you! The new section is called ‘First Look’ and you will find it filed in the Random category on the menu bar. I will try to keep it interesting showing you early review copies, or beautiful editions, but I will post about books that I get from my beloved one as well. I hope…