• 21st Century,  General Fiction,  Postcolonial

    The Australian Fiancé by Simone Lazaroo

    The Australian FiancĂ© is Simone Lazaroo’s second novel. I borrowed the book from a professor after Simone’s lessons and read if right after The World Waiting to be Made because the writing was so good, I wanted to see how the author’s style developed. From GoogleBooks: In 1949 a young Eurasian woman who survived the Japanese occupation of Singapore meets the son of a privileged Australian family and accompanies him to Broome. Captivated by this life and his photography, she comes to see herself anew, but is the image true? Themes of the novel are the aftermath of war, prejudice and alienation. Author was born in Singapore and lives in…

  • 21st Century,  General Fiction

    Mr. Rosenblum’s List by Natasha Solomons

    Due to my studies, I couldn’t help to feel interested on Mr. Rosenblum’s List : the story of a German Jew who escapes to the UK before WWII and gets obsessed with becoming the best Englishman ever. 2/5 At first sight, Mr. Rosenblum’s List seems a great book dealing with an unknown side of WWII for most of us. Once in England, Jack Rosenblum has to fight not only cultural barriers but also the hate towards both Germans and Jews. Meanwhile, he tries to be the best Englishman ever, following his “Must to be” List, and decides to creat a business to help his wife Sadie and their baby daughter…