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    TV Show: Elementary

    TV is my crack. Rachel McAdams (actress) You all know I am a huge TV and movies fan. I actually spend a lot of time everyday sitting in front of the TV, watching whichever TV show or movie I am really focused on that day or week. Or you could say, I’m obsessed and my evenings spent watching up to six 40-minutes long episodes of crime TV shows are insane. However you want to see it, TV and movies make me happy. So, I have decided to start reviewing the crime TV shows that I love the most and that will, generally, include a woman investigator. If they do not…

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    Top of the Lake by Jane Campion

    Last May I helped organize a conference in my university and after talking about our research fields I was recommended two TV shows for the crime lover in me: Top of the Lake (2013) and The Bletchley Circle (2012). One of the things that called my attention was that Top of the Lake was written and produced by Jane Campion whose movie The Piano changed something in non-sexist representation of women. So, as soon as I got home I got Top of the Lake and started watching it. Beware! This review contains some minor spoilers. To sum up the main premise, I would only say that detective Robin Griffin (Elizabeth…

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    True Detective by Nic Pizzolatto

    The following is a spoiler-free review of True Detective. Enjoy! Sometime in early spring, my Facebook wall got a lot of “you have to watch True Detective” messages, all of them coming from people I trust and who know my tastes pretty well. So, during my Spring Break, I thought I should watch it, totally aware that if it were as good as everyone said, I would have the time to just stay at home and watch as many episodes a day as I would love. Turned out my timing worked amazingly: no one spoiled me the finale and I pretty much stuck to one episode a day. I started…