• Crime fiction,  Nordic Noir

    The Crow Girl by Erik Axl Sund

    I was sent a review copy of Erik Axl Sund’s The Crow Girl upon its paperback release in the UK. I had previously heard about the novel because everyone whose taste in books I trusted was reading, and loving it. I also saw another delegate at Captivating Criminality 4 Conference reading it, and the bookish nosy that I am made me disturb his reading to ask for the book. He was loving it too. So, with all positive recommendations coming my way, I had no doubts that The Crow Girl – with its dark and twisted plot masterfully translated from the original Swedish by Neil Smith – was one of…

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    Ofrenda a la tormenta by Dolores Redondo – Giving Closure to the Baztan Trilogy

    Right after I finished reading The Lecagy of the Bones by Dolores Redondo I knew I had to read the next (and last) installment in the Baztán Trilogy. Keeping on the promise I made to myself to use the public library as much as I can, I borrowed Ofrenda a la Tormenta – ‘Offering to the Storm’, though there is no translation to English available yet – and I got lost in the dense greenery of the Baztán valley one last time. The story picks up right after The Legacy of the Bones, with D.I Amaia Salazar chasing the network of criminals that has been targeting the families of the…