• Crime fiction,  Nordic Noir

    The Crow Girl by Erik Axl Sund

    I was sent a review copy of Erik Axl Sund’s The Crow Girl upon its paperback release in the UK. I had previously heard about the novel because everyone whose taste in books I trusted was reading, and loving it. I also saw another delegate at Captivating Criminality 4 Conference reading it, and the bookish nosy that I am made me disturb his reading to ask for the book. He was loving it too. So, with all positive recommendations coming my way, I had no doubts that The Crow Girl – with its dark and twisted plot masterfully translated from the original Swedish by Neil Smith – was one of…

  • Crime fiction,  Nordic Noir

    The Ice Lands by Steinar Bragi

    I was contacted by MacMillan last month to get to know their latest translated author, Steinar Bragi whose novel The Icelands came out on the 25th October. Even though I do not read much Scandi crime fiction, I enjoy it a lot when I finally step out of my British/American comfort zone. So, after taking a look at the book I decided it was dark enough to make it to my Halloween reading list. But I did not know what I had in my hands… The Icelands – Hálendið in the original Icelandic, published in 2011 and translated into English by Lorenz Garcia – tells the story of two couples,…