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    Gift Ideas – Historical fiction

    When that beloved one loves historical fiction… they have to try Umberto Eco. And I say try because his prose is hard to read. The reason is that Eco knows about everything and writes about everything, so, at the end, on has a book full of references and literary theories put into practice. His last novel, The Prague Cemetery, is a historical novel set in Paris in the 19th century and although interesting, it can take the reader a few good weeks to sail through the culinary, military, historial, geographical and literary references. You can read my review here. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this book to people who usually read…

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    The Cemetery of Prague by Umberto Eco

    I came across Umberto Eco’s literary theories during my second year in college. After that, I could not but admire this god-like man (in literary terms) so, after I saw The Cemetery of Prague‘s plot it just felt right to read it. Title: The Cemetery of Prague Author: Umberto Eco Year of Publication: 2009 Edition: Futura (Spanish edition) – Not published in England yet. Modern Fiction/Best-seller 4/5 Summary from Wikipedia: The novel begins in Paris in March 1897, and the main character, Captain Simonini – an adventurer and a forger, who works for the secret police a half of the states of Europe, as well as weaving conspiracies and preparing…

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    Bookish Christmas

    Every Christmas I try not to fill my wish-list with books, but all I ever do is try… and fail. But, aren’t book the best gifts? These are the one I got for being such a good girl and reader: Our Kind of Traitor (John LeCarré) – After reading his wonderful The Constant Gardener, I thought his last book, that takes places during the economic recession in England, must be great as well. It promises social criticism, love, crimes and intrigue.   Lamb (Christopher Moore) – I am such a big fan of Christopher Moore! He is a wonderful and hilarious writer plus, he answers fan emails back. This is…