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    Best Books of 2011

    2011 has been a great reading year for me. I tend to take into account the quality of what I read and not the number of books I read. Sometimes, a single book can change your life in ways that fifty other books did not. So, I am happy to say that I read books that reminded me of how much I love sitting on my bed, with a blankett and a good book. Or how it can help me to read a few chapters of a book I love to keep on working on those awfully boring papers for school. Here you have, Books and Reviews’ best books of…

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    The Dinosaur Feather by S.J. Gazan

    I came across The Dinosaur Feather by Sissel- Jo Gazan last July and I felt immediately attracted to the plot. I wanted to like this book, but I was wrong… I loved it! 4,5/5 Summary from Book Depository: Biology graduate Anna Bella Nor is just two weeks away from defending her thesis on the origin of birds when her supervisor Lars Helland is found dead in his office, his severed tongue lying on his bloodied shirtfront, a copy of her thesis lying in his lap. Police Superintendent Soren Marhauge is assigned to unravel what appears to be a multitude of intrigues in the Biology Department of Copenhagen University. I’m going…