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    Tales of Survival: Teenagers, Trauma and Resilience in Crime Fiction

    After the events of last week, I really hoped I was not writing this post. But I am, and before you continue reading, I would like you to know this post is about gun violence, mass shootings, trauma, and the tales of those who survive. The attack on a Florida high school last week is the 8th to happen in the USA in 2018. That is, in less than two months. But this time things have changed: Students who survived the shooting are using their social media profiles as platforms to denounce the need for a change in the US constitutions about the right to bear arms. More importantly, they…

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    A Little Update

    Hi, everyone! Things have been pretty quiet on the blogging front of lately and, as you can imagine, because I’ve read your posts and you are going through the same – either as teachers or as students –¬† it’s because school is keeping me super busy. Evening lessons are hard to combine with reading and leisure. But, hard as it is, I’m managing some academic reading that I wanted to share with you. Atwood’s is my pleasure reading. The Robber Bride had been on my shelf since November 2011 and I thought it was time to read it. Las Fil√≥sofas (“The female philosophers”) is course book that recreates history taking…