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    Read Come and Find Me (Marnie Rome #5) by Sarah Hilary for Free at The Pigeonhole!

    As many of you know I LOVE the Marnie Rome series by Sarah Hilary. I have been reading the series for years now, I have even met Sarah and fangirled about how much I love Marnie. The series is thrilling, show a perfect combination of procedural and a traumatic personal story from a complex and inspiring main character. More importantly, the novels have been pioneers in the #readdiverse movement in crime fiction as they feature Noah Jake, a descendant of Jamaican immigrants and the first black and openly homosexual detectives in contemporary British crime fiction. Seriously, I can’t recommend the Marnie Rome novels enough. Now you can too read Come…

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    7 Crime Fiction Books You Cannot Miss in 2018

    Bookish people can’t help it. As 2017 is coming to an end all we can think about is all the new books that we are going to read in 2018. And it doesn’t get better. I have always been an impulsive reader and I only managed to schedule my readings during my English Literature degree because I loved lessons and I was obsessed with the professors spoiling the books for me. In my 6 years here, this is the first time not only that I am excited for books up to ten months prior to their publishing, but that I have a list of books, I know their release dates…

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    She Writes: Sarah Hilary

    Continuing with Bristish crime writers, for today’s post I have had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Hilary. Sarah is the author of the Marnie Rome series, a favourite of mine, but she is also a good friend as we have met a few times over the past three years. It is always a pleasure to talk to her about women and crime fiction. Born in Chesire, Sarah Hilary has always been a fan of books. During her lifetime, she has pursued a first Class Honours Degree in the History of Ideas, as well as worked as a bookseller, and for the Royal Navy. Her writing career took off in 2008…

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    Quieter than Killing (Marnie Rome #4) by Sarah Hilary

    Sarah Hilary is back with another instalment in the acclaimed Marnie Rome series. If you have followed this blog for some time, you will know that I am a great fan of the series, but also of Sarah, who I met at CrimeFest15 and who is always open to discuss feminism, and women’s crime fiction with me. No wonder she is an active member of Killer Women, a wonderful organisation that aims to bring together women in crime fiction. Now that I live in England, I was lucky to borrow her latest book from the Public Library (more on my love for British public libraries soon). Quieter than Killing take…

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    Tastes Like Fear (Marnie Rome #3) by Sarah Hilary

    Last January I was one of the lucky bloggers to get a super early review copy of Tastes Like Fear, the third installment in the Marnie Rome series by Sarah Hilary. If you have not heard about the series, Marnie Rome or Sarah Hilary, I highly recommend you skip this review and check my review of Someone Else’s Skin (# 1) here or an interview with Sarah Hilary in which she discusses crime fiction, and the Marnie Rome series here, or check our talk about feminism and women writers here. If you have continued reading I can then start my enthusiastic review of Tastes Like Fear. Like No Other Darkness,…

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    No Other Darkness (Marnie Rome #2) by Sarah Hilary

    No Other Darkness by Sarah Hilary is the second installment in the very successful Marnie Rome series. If you have not heard about Sarah Hilary or Marnie Rome yet, and you are looking for a great crime fiction series, skip this review and go back to Someone Else’s Skin, read our exclusive interview with Sarah herself, or our article on her now famous main character, feminism and women in crime fiction. No Other Darkness starts soon after Someone Else’s Skin‘s ending. DI Marnie Rome, now safe back home, and recovering from her own personal ordeal, is called along DS Noah Jake to a peculiar crime scene: a bunker under one…

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    CrimeFest 2015 (Or The Time of My Life!)

    This year I actually made it to CrimeFest 2015 held at the Royal Marriott Hotel in Bristol, and as you can imagine, I fangirled my way through it. I got to meet some of my favourite authors and bloggers, and I was asked a few times if Books & Reviews is till running, which I can say yes. My PhD, a bad break up and lots of travelling have kept me busy for the last months, but now I’m back! And here they are, the pictures of me with every author, blogger and publisher who spent more than 5 minutes with me:

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    Talking Feminism with Author Sarah Hilary + Giveaway!

    So, this is the amazing surprise I’ve been teasing you about for a week now! To celebrate the paperback release of Someone Else’s Skin by Sarah Hilary, I virtually sat down with her for the second time – see our first interview here – to talk about feminism, crime fiction and being a woman writer AND Books & Reviews is giving away one copy of Sarah’s debut novel Someone Else Skin. You can check my review here, but I will sum it up by saying it’s awesome, and Marnie Rome has become one of those inspirational, kick-ass investigators that help me in my busiest and darkest hours. Thank you, Sarah,…

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    Exclusive Interview: Sarah Hilary

    Sarah Hilary wrote one of the best crime novels I have read this year, Someone Else’s Skin, and created a kick-ass female character, DI Marnie Rome. In between such awersomeness, she had time to answer some of my questions. Enjoy! Q. Someone Else’s Skin is your debut novel. Why did you start writing crime fiction? A. I’d always read crime and a good friend (good enough to get away with pointing out what a very dark mind I have) said I should be writing it. It took me a long time to get to grips with the demand of the genre, but now I feel at home here. Q. Marnie…