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    Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell

    Ruth (1853) is a novel by English writer Elizabeth Gaskell, author of the well-known Cranford. I first learned about Ruth while doing project for my 19th century literature lessons a few years ago and although I started reading it, I never finished it. So, when I got a case for my e-reader last Christmas and I could finally take it off the house without fear of having it broken, I decided to return to Ruth. From Goodreads: Ruth Hilton is an orphaned young seamstress who catches the eye of a gentleman, Henry Bellingham, who is captivated by her simplicity and beauty. When she loses her job and home, he offers…

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    Mrs. Gaskell – A biography

    When choosing a project for my 19th century literature lesson I had a lot of authors to choose from: Austen, Dickens, Elliot, the Bront√ęs… but Elizabeth Gaskell was not on the program! After consulting with my professor, we both agreed I could work on Mrs. Gaskell and Cranford for my presentation. The truth is, I could not be happier! First I read Cranford and then, when planning my first lesson as a teacher, I realized I could not tell my classmates about the book without referring to the author. So, here goes some information on Elizabeth before I publish my Cranford review. Sometimes, the life of authors is key to…