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    September Recommendations: Southern Crime Fiction

    Bodies in the Library’s recommendations come out the last day of each month and they aim to bring together great crime fiction reads for fans of the genre. The lists are eclectic and diverse, and they celebrate contemporary crime fiction writers and classics alike. Southern culture is a big thing for me. My Mum brought me up listening to Johnny Cash and I carried on the family obsession by becoming June Carter Cash’s biggest fan as soon as I had access to the Internet. I love a good pair of cowboy boots, and my English-speaking friends think it’s funny I “y’all” people around even though I have a British accent.…

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    Bodies in the Library Recommends: Crime Fiction Short Stories

    Short stories have been experiencing a comeback for some time now, but it was at the end of last year when The New Yorker‘s “Cat Person” became one of the most read literary texts on the Internet that we all had to agree: Short stories are genius. As a reader of crime fiction, criminal short stories represent one of the most successful times in the history of literature for the genre, with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes short stories leading the way, and closely followed by Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. So, as I read all the blurb about “Cat Person” and the outpour of love for short stories that…

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    Historical Non-Fiction (USA)

    Things have been quiet over here for a while now, but good news is my last final is finally here and I’ve just started working, my first job ever and I love it! Just yesterday I had time to catch up with your blogs -Google Reader had 41 unread entries- after studying all evening long and it was just what I needed. I see many of you have already started your challenges and I wish you the best. Last Monday I gave myself the day off and went shopping and to the movies. Our choice was Zero Dark Thirty by┬áKathryn Bigelow and I loved it, I highly recommend it to…