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    Writing, Reading and Life: October

    October has been one short, crazy month. It is the second month – out of 4 – that I am supposed to devote to reading for my PhD, but there are a lot of other things happening at the same time, most of them good and challenging and all of them time-consuming. I am actually writing this on my first non-weekend free day in 30 days. It’s a hot, Thursday night and today I have finished reading a book, all my tasks for October and, tonight I will finish watching Mad Men until it returns next January. Also, why is it so hot? Why am I still wearing summer clothes?…

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    Strange Girls and Ordinary Women by Morgan McCarthy

    I first heard of Strange Girls and Ordinary Women by Morgan McCarthy over Twitter. One day I saw several bloggers whose taste in books I trust talk about the book with the publishers and I knew I had to get my hands on a copy. So, I asked the publishers and they kindly sent me a review copy. Thank you to them and the bloggers who made me notice the book. From Goodreads: They say you know instinctively who to trust. Alice is normal; she’d never do anything rash. But when she sees her husband one day with a younger girl, she knows at once that he’s having an affair.…

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    Quote: Anna Karenina

    My life has been some kind of a mess lately which actually translates in lots of things to do and no time at all to do them. I am caught in a working routine trying to fit in reading, lots of studying and some me-time. As Rachel from Book Snob puts it: Work has been overtaking my life lately. Time for reading? Yeah right. Time for seeing friends? I don’t think so! Time for going on cultural excursions? I wish! However, I’ve been taking solace in Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. I don’t know why I was so scared of this book. It is complex, and deep, but the gorgeous and…

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    Quote: How We Get There

    As many of you know, I’m reading the new Kate Atkinson, Life After Life – out 14th March 2013- and apart from being a fabulous, high-quality reading that I highly recommend to anyone, it has made me think about life. This is the thing about great books, they make you think, they question how you see life and in the end, they can actually change how you approach everything. This is reason I’ve always read, not only because I love it and cannot conceive a life without books, but because I want to learn and I want to be challenged. So, when I read the following quote in Atkinson’s Life…

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    Quote: Cloud Atlas

    Fall has finally decided to show up! Today I woke up to the perfect rainy day with empty streets and the need for a blanket at home. Today I woke up to the perfect day for reading. So, after the daily routine, I lit up a candle and surrounded myself by my books, curled up on a blanket and started to catch up with my weekly reading of Cloud Atlas. As I was reading one of my favourite stories (those of you who’ve read it know how many of them there are), I found this quote and thought it perfect to start the week: Books don’t offer real escape, but…

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    Reading and success

    I was born with a lot of nervous energy. I’d write letters to my future self – ‘Dear Hayley, now that you are 18 have you written your first novel yet? Have you made your first film?’ I had an obsession with my future. I stayed in reading when friends partied. – Hayley Atwell