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    How to Write a Thesis

    … Or, rather, how to do it and adapt to the PhD life. These past three months have been wonderful, but also full of lessons learned. So, since I wanted to share more about the PhD life with you, here are some little things that I have learned and that worked for me. They are mainly related to adapting to a new lifestyle and a new working schedule after being a student for the last 21 years of my life. A thesis also requires studying, but in a very different way. All this comes from my own experience, but I hope it resonates with yours too, whether you’re a student,…

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    Writing, Reading and Life: October

    October has been one short, crazy month. It is the second month – out of 4 – that I am supposed to devote to reading for my PhD, but there are a lot of other things happening at the same time, most of them good and challenging and all of them time-consuming. I am actually writing this on my first non-weekend free day in 30 days. It’s a hot, Thursday night and today I have finished reading a book, all my tasks for October and, tonight I will finish watching Mad Men until it returns next January. Also, why is it so hot? Why am I still wearing summer clothes?…