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    The Girls by Emma Cline

    Last month I found out that almost everyone on my Twitter timeline was talking about a book called The Girls by Emma Cline, and it was not only my fellow and trusted bloggers, but non-literary vloggers as well, such as Lex. I did some research online and when I found out what the book was about I knew I had to get my hands on a review copy as soon as possible before Penguin Random House ran out of them in the summer. The Girls tells the story of Evie from two moments in her life: the present, and the 1969 fateful summer in California when she first saw Suzanne.…

  • First Look

    First Look: Dear Amy By Helen Callaghan

    I was sent a review copy of Helen Callaghan’s upcoming release Dear Amy by the Ellie Hughes at Penguin-Random House. I expected a regular review copy, as usual, but this time, the lovely people at P-RH have outdone themselves. Here, take a look: See? Told you. Pure bookish lush.  I was thoroughly impressed by the design of the review copy, but even more so by the help notes attached to the parcel. They look and they feel as if they were written in pencil, and they could pass for real-life notes. Regarding the book, I haven’t fooled around much yet, because I don’t want to spoil anything. Dear Amy looks…