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    Four Non-Fiction Backlist Books for Women’s Month

    March is Women’s Month and thought at Bodies in the Library we celebrate women writers all year long, this time I have decided to write about non-fiction backlists for various reasons. The first is that as I’m growing older I find myself yearning for more non-fiction written by women and about women. The books I have selected here are all have something in common: They will make you feel better. Reading them actually feels like sitting down with a good friend to talk about your problems. The second reason to choose these books is that they are all backlist books so you will be able to find them at your…

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    March and April

    I mostly mentioned everything remarkable that happened in March here. However, seeing all your posts recapping March, I wanted to join everyone. I read: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Loved it. I started and I’m currently reading: Anna Karenina.- As I expected, it is a dense book and I tend to need rests between sittings. Gone Girl.- Everyone loved this book so much that I knew from the start I had to read it. However, it took me some months and when I finally saw Reese Witherspoon will be producing it (fingers crossed she’ll play Amy!) I knew either I read it or someone would give away the ending.…