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    You Do You by Sarah Knight: Non-Self-Help Books that Change Your Life

    I first crossed paths with Sarah Knight when she was still working in New York City as part of the team behind Jessica Knoll’s debut novel Luckiest Girl Alive. Shortly after that, Knight went freelance and since then she has become the author of a series of non-self-help books that have changed my life (for real). Knight’s first book The Life-Changing Magic of Not-Giving a Fuck (2016) is a love letter to selfishness prioritizing your own well-being over social conventions and responsibilities. As a young woman earning responsibilities¬† – some of them willingly, some others not so much, I found the book really helpful and funny. Knight knows her audience…

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    She Writes: Margaret Atwood

    She Writes is coming to an end today. The series – which have run for the last three months – have given me the opportunity to interview women authors from all over the world and ask them questions that really matters in the current state of the world with women and artists being systematically undervalued. The aim of the interviews was to throw some light into what it means to be a woman who writes, and how the writing is interwoven with the reading and the works of women. My ultimate goal with the series was to bring together a group of women whose work I admire and get them…

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    She Writes: Lilja Sigurdardottir

    I did not want the She Writes series to come to an end not featuring a Nordic Noir author. Even though my professional area of expertise is American (and sometimes British) crime fiction, I love reading Nordic crime fiction novels because of the setting. I am a sucker for winter and snow, and I love the way in which gritty crimes disturb the social haven of Nordic societies. Nordic crime fiction is also a subgenre in which I read women authors and male authors equally, and I think that vouches for the responsible representation of women that comes these societies – though truth be told there is still work to…

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    She Writes:

    Today I am very happy to be bringing one of my favourite American crime fiction writers to you on the She Writes Series: Tess Gerritsen. She is the author of the Rizzoli & Isles series, which many of you may know from the TV adaptation that sadly came to an end last year. I have developed quite some research about Gerritsen’s works, and she has been pivotal in my PhD, always being kind, nice and having time to answer my questions. Before becoming world-wide famous thanks to the Rizzoli & Isles series, Gerritsen was a doctor with a passion for reading romances. She started writing short fiction – for which…

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    She Writes: C.L Taylor

    C.L Taylor is an English writer known for her thrilling depictions of female friendship, treason, and mystery. Even though C.L Taylor has previously written non-crime fiction novels under the name ‘Cally Taylor’ it was her third novel The Accident, published in 2014, what made her a household name in crime fiction. In the last three years she has published three more novels to great critical acclaim. If you are familiar with any crime fiction blogs or online reviewing sites, you will have heard of Taylor’s work as it is great favourite among many of us. The Lie was her third novel. I bought it during a trip to my beloved…

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    She Writes: Sarah Hilary

    Continuing with Bristish crime writers, for today’s post I have had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Hilary. Sarah is the author of the Marnie Rome series, a favourite of mine, but she is also a good friend as we have met a few times over the past three years. It is always a pleasure to talk to her about women and crime fiction. Born in Chesire, Sarah Hilary has always been a fan of books. During her lifetime, she has pursued a first Class Honours Degree in the History of Ideas, as well as worked as a bookseller, and for the Royal Navy. Her writing career took off in 2008…

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    She Writes: Eva Dolan

    The First She Writes post is here! After months of planning, I could not be happier to be staring this new feature series with you all, especially taking into account the author that has kindly agreed to inauguarate the series: Eva Dolan. I have been a fan of Eva Dolan for some years now. She is is British crime writer, and according to her Goodreads author page an intermittently successful poker player. She is based in Essex where she combines her passion for writing with her job as a copywriter. Even though not much is known about her personal life, she was shortlisted for the CWA Dagger for an unpublished…

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    Interview with Paula Hawkins for Crime Fiction Association

    As many of you now know I am also a freelancer writer and an organiser for the Captivating Criminality 4 conference, an annual event organised by the Crime Fiction Association. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview writer Paula Hawkins (The Girl on the Train) yet again for the Association’s blog and we discussed women, crime, and her latest novel Into the Water. To read the interview, click here.

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    Exclusive Interview: Megan Abbott on Girls, Feminism, and Crime Fiction

    Today and I am very happy, excited and proud to welcome American author Megan Abbott to Books & Reviews. After reviewing her upcoming novel You Will Know Me (out next June), I contacted Megan to talk about her middle-class American girls signature narrative, feminism, and many other topics that I thought would be interesting for those of us who do feminism, crime fiction and female main characters. Welcome to Books & Reviews Megan, and thank you for everything: You have inscribed the female teenage experience in contemporary crime fiction inaugurating a new crime fiction subgenre. Why and when did you decide to start writing about female teenagers in such a…

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    Exclusive Interview with Dolores Redondo, Author of The Invisible Guardian + Giveaway

    A few weeks ago I read and reviewed a Spanish crime novel that left me almost speechless. El guardi√°n invisible by Dolores Redondo has been on the Spanish best-selling lists for 3 years, and there is a reason why. You can check my spoiler-free review here if you missed it or download a promotional PDF here. Now, the novel is being released in the UK next April by Harper Collins under the title The Invisible Guardian. To celebrate I have had the pleasure of exclusively interviewing Dolores Redondo and we are also giving away 5 copies of The Invisible Guardian, thanks to Hayley Camis from Harper Collins. Please read the…