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    Bodies in the Library Recommends: Books for Christmas

    Who else is super excited for Christmas? I love Christmas. I have been singing Jingle Bellsin my head – and sometimes out loud to the surprise of the people around me – all year. But now it’s finally that time of the year when all my carrol singing is acceptable and you can eat at least a Christmas sweet a day without fearing for your life because you are eating last year’s leftovers. Now, time for books! It may be because I read Little Women when I was really young or simply because I have always loved books, but I can’t think of Christmas without books. I am very, very…

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    To Highlight or Not to Highlight?

    This December I was planning on giving myself the best present ever: Not the actual book – Mr.B&R already took care of that last Christmas – but reading The Second Sex and allowing myself to spend a beautiful, full of wisdom month with one my role models, Simone de Beauvoir. The problem? It is such a beautiful book I don’t know whether to highlight it or not. I am not one for writing or doing anything to books, I actually conserve them as pristine as when I first lay hands on them except when I’m actually studying them, then everything gets pink, green and yellow crazy. But, at the same…