• Theatre

    The Master Builder by Henrik Ibsen

    After English actress Gemma Arterton played Hilda Wangel in The Master Builder staging of 2010 I knew I had to read the play. Gemma is an outspoken feminist in that she demands better and less superficial roles for women in the industry. She said she loved Hilda from the very beginning and that playing her was a challenging experience. Gemma Arterton as Hilda back in 2010. From The Master Builder revolves around the title’s master builder, a middle-aged man who receives the visit of Hilda Wangel, someone from his past who he did not expect at all: she is asking for a kiss he promised her ten years ago.…

  • Random

    A great quote to start the week!

    I read The Master Builder by Henrik Ibsen last week and I’ll be reviewing it in the following days. However, I’d like to share this wonderful quote with you all. It was incredibly inspiring and eye-opening for me.   SOLNESS: I believe there is only one possible dwelling-place for human happiness–and that is what I am going to build now. HILDE: Mr. Solness–you mean our castles in the air. SOLNESS: The castles in the air–yes. We don’t need the read the play to understand it. I think we may, sometimes, forget about reality and build too many castles in the air. But they are needed! They contain our happiness but,…