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    Reading The Casual Vacancy

    After some trouble with the mail system over here, The Casual Vacancy finally arrived this week and I’m trying to read it between studying breaks. So far (I’m only 50 pages into it) I’m just getting used to the characters and J.K Rowling’s style. When I purchased it back in June, I read it was a book about a village where a prominent figure dies and leaves a casual vacancy, hence the title. From that little description, I imagined a typical English novel set in a village with the typical (and stereotypical) characters fighting for the job. In my mind, The Casual Vacancy was a modern Cranford, a modern Tamara…

  • Poetry,  Postcolonial

    Poem: Prison by Mutabaruka

    It has just been published that Mubarak has renounced. So, in honour of those who have fought for the liberty of the whole country: Prisoner by: Mutabaruka You ask me if I have ever been to prison Been to Prison? Your world of murderer’s and thieves Of hatred and jealousy of death And you ask me if I have ever been to prison I answer, Yes I am still there trying to escape. I don’t usually like poetry, but this is one of my favourite pieces. It is simple, direct and yet it describes the struggle of many people against an oppresive power. Mutabaruka is a Rastafarian, social poet belonging…

  • Book sightings

    Book Sightings – January

    Reading some of your blog entries and searching the net, I’ve come across some wonderful and interesting works: Thanks to Short Story Addict, I discovered The Resemblance Between a Violin Case and a Coffin by one of my favourite writers, Tennessee Williams. You can read James’ review here: it is fantastic. I hope I can get to read this short story as soon as I visit my college’s library next week. Also from his blog, I heard about The Snows of Kilimanjaro by Ernest Hemingway who I have studied this year. I got to admit I’m not Hemingway’s biggest fan, but this short story sounds interesting, very psychological. I think…