• British,  Crime fiction

    Love Story, With Murders by Harry Bingham

    Love Story, With Murders is the second installment on the Fiona Griffiths series by Harry Bingham. This was the title that first called my attention and after some researched asked the publisher for a review copy of both books. I was not thrilled with the first one, Talking to the Dead, but decided to give the series a second chance. From Goodreads: The second novel featuring recovering psychotic DC Fiona Griffiths opens with as intriguing a pair of murders as you could imagine. Firstly, part of a human leg is discovered in a woman’s freezer, bagged up like a joint of pork. Other similarly gruesome discoveries follow throughout a cosy…

  • British,  Crime fiction

    Talking to the Dead by Harry Bingham

    Talking to the Dead is the first in the Fiona Griffith’s crime fiction series by Harry Bingham. I first heard of the series thanks to Orion Crime – a Twitter account I highly recommend to fellow fans – when they were promoting the second book on the series, Love Story, With Murders. So, after some research I contacted the lovely Sophie Painter who was kind enough to send me review copies for both books. Big thank you! From GoodReads: SHE KNOWS WHAT IT’S LIKE. . . .  At first, the murder scene appears sad, but not unusual: a young woman undone by drugs and prostitution, her six-year-old daughter dead alongside…