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    The Cazalet Chronicles: The Light Years by Elizabeth Jane Howard

    I had never heard of The Cazalet Chronicles by Elizabeth Jane Howard, but after seeing Sophie’s tweets and everyone recommending the saga, I asked her for a review copy and she kindly sent me the first installment. Then, as I was immerse in the Cazalet world, Elizabeth Jane Howard passed away and despite her wonderful works, she was referred in the press as “Amis’ ex-wife” although she had had two other marriages. I devoted a Feminist Sunday to this issue – click here to read it – and now I am reviewing The Light Years. From Goodreads: In 1937, the coming war is only a distant cloud on Britain’s horizon.…

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    Feminist Sundays: On the Death of Elizabeth Jane Howard

    Hello, everyone! Feminist Sundays is a weekly meme created at Books and Reviews. The aim is simply to have a place and a time to talk about feminism and women’s issues. This is a place of tolerance, creativity, discussion, criticism and praise. Remember to keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, although healthy discussion is encouraged. Today, I wanted to do something different for our Feminist Sundays. English author Elizabeth Jane Howard died this week and, although quite an underrated and overlooked writer, the newspapers and tabloids saved a little space for her. This is an example: It’s 2014. I really, really hoped to see a…