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    Banned Books and Women

    Banned Books weeks is happening right now and as I was browsing all your posts and Tweets, I realized that there is a close connection between banned books, feminism and women, and after Emma Watson’s speech (‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’) I realized it was high time I wrote about it. Because I cannot even imagine what it is to be banned from reading books, or getting an education or reading stories about women who transgressed social rules, defying what was expected of them and being banned by society. So, to start, let’s look at what banned books are. It certainly sounds like something from the past,…

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    The Awakening by Kate Chopin

    The Awakening is an American novel published in 1899 in which the author, Kate Chopin, demands independence for women at a time when they were obliged to be both mothers and wives. 4.5/5 Edna Pontellier is a 29-year, high-class old Southern beauty with a perfect life that even includes a couple of houses in which she can have a break from her stressful life. But, while vacationing in Le Grand Isle with her fellow creole neighbours, she makes friends with the hotel’s owner’s son, Robert Lebrun. Although at the beginning Edna is not conscious about the real meaning of their relationship, it is when Robert decides to move to Mexico…