• British,  Crime fiction

    Tell No Tales by Eva Dolan (Zigic and Ferreira #2)

    I was offered a review copy of Eva Dolan’s second novel in the Zigic and Ferreira, Tell No Tales, series a long time ago, actually, last year. I had never heard either of the series or of Dolan, so I thought I would rather wait to learn more about the series before reading the book. It was a huge mistake. ‘Zigic and Ferreira’ stands for DI Zigic and DS Ferreira from the Peterborough Hate Crimes Unit, and in Tale No Tales they face the mysterious hit-and-run of a young, Eastern-European. It sounds like a no-brainer since the victim’s sister, and actually a few other witnesses, survived the attack. However, the…

  • 21st Century,  General Fiction

    Guest Post: Karixia Ortiz Serrano on Barataria by Juan López Bauzá

    Please give all a warm welcome to my good friend Karixia, who came to Books & Reviews to talk about the latest literary sensation on her native Puerto Rico: the novel Barataria by Juan López Bauza. I talked to her some time ago about writing this piece for the blog after the wonderful Diversify Your Shelves project. Could you name a Puerto Rican author? I couldn’t before I met her, but Karixia introduced me to this amazing postmodern novel that has captivated her native country: The author does not deny it, he reconfirms it*. His novel is based on the great literature piece  ‘Don Quixote de la Mancha’. The Puerto…

  • 21st Century,  General Fiction,  Postcolonial

    The World Waiting to be Made by Simone Lazaroo

    I learned about Australian writer Simone Lazaroo and her works during her lessons at my M.A. Her debut novel, The World Waiting to be Made (1994) is partly autobiographical and can be studied as an amazing example of diasporic literature written by a woman. From Book Depository: A young woman journeys back to her birthplace, Singapore, and to Malacca, her ancestral home, to discover rich, complex and mysterious aspects of her own identity. Aspects of herself that had only been half remembered, hinted at, or understood during a dislocated childhood and adolescence growing up in contemporary suburban Australia.The World Waiting to be Made charts the uncertain progress of an outsider…