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    First Time Reading a Classic: And Then There Were None (1939) by Agatha Christie

    Confession time: I had never read or watched any adaptations of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None (1939) by Agatha Christie. Except for the Family Guy double episode, Psych‘s and the many other references in popular culture and media that I have watched. But, the original? Nope, never. It does not help that we have kept a literal translation of the original title Ten LIttle Niggers  in Spanish – click here to see it – and when I looked for an English second-hand review copy on Abebooks, I could find none. But, after some failed attempts, and some research, I found the original title, and after last Christmas’ super…

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    Feminist Sundays: Mary Astell

    Feminist Sundays is a weekly meme created at Books and Reviews. The aim is simply to have a place and a time to talk about feminism and women’s issues. This is a place of tolerance, creativity, discussion, criticism and praise. Remember to keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, although healthy discussion is encouraged. Since I am enjoying my Winter Break, this week I would like to devote my post to Mary Astell who played a key role in women’s education in the UK back in the 18th century. Name: Mary Astell Dates and place: Born in Newcastle in 1666 died in 1731. Historical period: Englightenment:…