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    She Writes: C.L Taylor

    C.L Taylor is an English writer known for her thrilling depictions of female friendship, treason, and mystery. Even though C.L Taylor has previously written non-crime fiction novels under the name ‘Cally Taylor’ it was her third novel The Accident, published in 2014, what made her a household name in crime fiction. In the last three years she has published three more novels to great critical acclaim. If you are familiar with any crime fiction blogs or online reviewing sites, you will have heard of Taylor’s work as it is great favourite among many of us. The Lie was her third novel. I bought it during a trip to my beloved…

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    The Lie by C.L. Taylor

    I think I must have heard about crime fiction author C.L. Taylor where I usually do, over Twitter. With time, I saw how some fellow bloggers praised her novels, and when I found myself browsing Waterstones Cardiff last year I came upon her novel The Lie and I bought it. The reason to choose The Lie among Taylor’s novels was simple and easy: The story involves Jane, a young, female main character who lives in a cottage in rural Wales, works at an animal sanctuary, and has a dark past. As I was spending my last morning in Cardiff, unsure on when I could return to Wales, I decided it…