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    Bleak House – Part II

    I keep on reading and enjoying Bleak House! So here goes the review of Part II, containing the following chapters: 5. A Morning Adventure 6. Quite at Home 7. The Ghost’s Walk I read these chapters a few days ago, so revisiting them with the knowledge of what will be happening a hundred pages after them (I’m already starting Part V tonight) helps giving some clues on what is really going on. This is a feeling I get in every chapter of the book: there is something going on and Dickens does not want the reader to fully know. We are asked to make a close reading, to guess and…

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    Reading Progress

    Although on the sidebar you can see I’m reading three books, I am actually super-focused on two of them: One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson and Bleak House by Charles Dickens. They are both part of my last semester as a literature student (panic!) and I’m trying to make the most, more than I usually do, of the lessons and the professors. One Good Turn is part of my British Contemporary course. The professor, an adorable woman who is always happy and always encouraging us to read, write or do anything we want, expects us to apply postmodernist theory to the book we are reading. For me, that means two…

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    Happy Birthday Mr. Dickens!

    2012 is Charles Dickens’ year but today it’s been 200 years since one of the most famous English writers was born. He changed the concept of literature by entertaning the general public and creating some of the most iconic characters in Europe. His works, that got him out of his very humble origins, have influenced later literary authors, but also present day movies and even movie characters. To celebrate 2012 and to give Mr. Dickens another opportunity (Great Expectations was not one of my favourite readings regarding style back in 2010) I bought Bleak House, one of his most complex and longer novels. As usual, I chose the Penguin Clothbound…