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    3 Crime Fiction TV Adaptations to Binge Watch This Christmas

    Christmas is here! I hope you are all having a fantastic time celebrating and taking some time off. I also hope you are reading a lot. But Christmas can also be the time to binge-watch some TV after long days spent with relatives, friends, and beloved ones. I am an advocate for reading as much as possible, but sometimes it is not the right time to go back to bed alone and read, or we do not have the energy or simply we do not want to! So, in the spirit of Christmas and keeping things bookish, here are 3 crime fiction television shows that will make of yours a…

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    Marcella: Troubled Detectives, Green Parkas, and Fringes

    Last June I started watching ITV’s new show Marcella after some people on my Twitter timeline mentioned it. Three episodes down the line bad reviews started to appear, with even The Pool criticising how Marcella’s parka was used to turn her into a television icon like Sara Lund and her jumpers. By that time I was travelling a lot and did not have much time to watch and enjoy the series. As I returned to them in my last week of my summer break, I rediscovered a fantastic television show with a defined aesthetic, and a new female detective to join the ranks of my television role models. International viewers…