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    The Great Gatsby (2013)

    The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books ever. I love how many layers it has and you get to discover a new one every time you read it. I’ve already read it about three times and this year, I’m certainly re-reading it. Romeo + Juliet is one of my favourite movies ever. Everything just falls into place when it needs to: Claire Danes’ and Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting, the music and above all the colours. Baz Luhrmann made a masterpiece. So what happens when The Great Gatsby is adapted into a movie by Baz Luhrmann himself? Just imagine. I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time, ever…

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    Re-Reading: The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald

    June has been a roller coaster for me! Despite my free time I haven’t devoted that much time to reading and I just kind fell on a lazy routine of watching TV, tidying up my bedroom (much needed) and, in a very cathartic way, putting away everything college. Now I can breathe, I am free! After getting my Sony e-reader, it was pretty clear that my first reading on it would be The Great Gatsby. I had longed to revisit it for a long, long time. What a joy to reread! The characters My impression on the characters is still the same, but more intense. I still do not trust…