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    All That Remains (Scarpetta #3) by Patricia Cornwell

    The following is a SPOILER-FREE review. All That Remains (1992) by Patricia Cornwell is the third novel in the Kay Scarpetta series. I first heard of this novels via Criminal Minds and last Christmas I got as a present the first two novels, needless to say, I adore them. They are extremely addictive yet Kay is a strong, inspiring and deep main character. So, last week in the midst of some dissertation chaos and a tummy bug, I decided to read All That Remains. It took me three readings and put me through the week. In All That Remains, Kay Scarpetta faces one of the most difficult cases of her…

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    Still Reading Anna Karenina

    Hello, dear readers! Spring is finally here! It’s warm and sunny and showers show up every once in a while. And I go from loving it to hating it as easy as it gets! These past weeks I’ve been quite quiet. Everything’s fine, I’ve been studying, reading, writing, doing research and enjoying the first spring sunny afternoons with my friends. I’ve been also reading Anna Karenina and I’ve been doing so for some months now. The prose is excellent and I move from hate to admiration depending on who is the character focused in. I love Anna, I think she’s an incredibly complex character and once I’m done and know…