Review Policy

Dear publishers, editors and authors, I am open to receive review copies of your books any time! But before, please read the following:

  • Right now I am only accepting crime/detective novels and/or thrillers. Why? I am doing research on the field and, sincerely, it is the kind of literature that I enjoy the most therefore, I am more likely to produce a better review (regarding genre, storyline, characters etc.)
  • I do NOT accept ebooks or self-published books.
  • I promise to write an honest review in exchange for every review copy that I get in the next five months following the arrival of the book. Most of the times, the reviews will come out earlier, but I allow myself those five months just in case I get too busy with school.
  • I’ll tweet the review with the Twitter account associated to this blog (@ms_adler)
  • If you have any questions or doubts, please email me at: booksandreviewsblog [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks in advance for your interest and your books! 🙂


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