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    Ten Ways To Read Better (Or How To Improve Your Reading)

    Did you know I haven’t finished a book in a month? Well, almost a month, but it feels like ages. Sometimes life gets in the way, or you just simply can’t find the time or the mood to read, or because 2015 is a #ReadWomen year, you want to read more! No matter the reason, I’ve encountered people who simply wanted to start reading on a daily basis, and people who wished to devote more time to their reading but couldn’t find it. So, after much thinking, here are some tips that always bring me closer to my books: 1. Make reading a priority: Promise yourself you will go to…

  • Random,  Studying Questions

    To Highlight or Not to Highlight?

    This December I was planning on giving myself the best present ever: Not the actual book – Mr.B&R already took care of that last Christmas – but reading The Second Sex and allowing myself to spend a beautiful, full of wisdom month with one my role models, Simone de Beauvoir. The problem? It is such a beautiful book I don’t know whether to highlight it or not. I am not one for writing or doing anything to books, I actually conserve them as pristine as when I first lay hands on them except when I’m actually studying them, then everything gets pink, green and yellow crazy. But, at the same…