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    January and February Reading: An Ode to Public Libraries with Susan Orlean’s The Library Book

    Since life has been getting busier and messier – which is how it should be -, I’ve realised that I’d rather share all my monthly reading updates in one post instead of writing one post for each book. Traditional reviewing is not working anymore for me and my approach to reading and writing is now closer to journaling. Last month I experimented with this new style and I loved the writing process and all the conversations that it sparked. The Inspiration One of the last things I did in 2018 was to contact Atlantic Books to get a review copy of Susan Orelan’s The Library Book, a non-fiction look at…

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    2018: The Year I Read Enough

    As the year comes to an end, I think it is impossible not to look back on the past 12 months and reflect on what has happened and what has not. We are all humans, after all, carried away by the lure of new beginnings and the promise of a better future (in politics, in gender equality, in green issues, the world just has to get better, right?). As I finished what I realized would be the last book of 2018 for me, I could not but revise my reading diary, that little notebook where I jot down the title and the date I finished a book, organised by years.…

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    Life Lately: Fall and Reading

    How come it is November 2018 already? I can’t believe how far this year has gone by and the many, many changes it has brought along. I got my PhD, changed jobs, and revived an old dream of mine I put on hold for very wrong reasons almost a decade ago. With so much going on, you can imagine (and see in the lack of posts) that I haven’t been reading that much. The weather is a bit crazy in Spain right now, with snow falling mere days from sunshiny days. It is fall, but it does not really feel like it (yet). Meanwhile, I have all my sweaters on…

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    DNF-ing Books And Moving On

    Sometimes life is too short to keep on reading! Ever since I started blogging about books seven years ago I have always encountered one awkward and slightly malicious question: “Why do you only review books that you love?”. At first, I did not understand where the question was coming from, though a quick look at my blog indeed reflected most of my reviews fell into the space between good and this-book-changed-my-life. And that has defined my reading (and my writing) for better or for worse. However, things have changed in the past weeks when I have done the unthinkable: I gave up on two crime fiction books. I have to admit…

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    20 Reading Questions

    Gooood morning everyone on a beautiful and sunny Monday morning! Twitter was buzzing with some great blogging activity a few weeks ago and I couldn’t join back then, but following my dear MarinaSofia’s example, I thought I’d answer the 20 Reading Questions here keeping in mind the 280-character Twitter rule 😉 Women’s fiction. I am reading two at the time! Anything is Possible by Elizabeth Strout (short stories), and Tree of Sighs by Lucrecia Guerrero (Chicano Lit, because there is more to it than J.D). The Disappearing Cake. Always loved a good mystery! I would LOVE to see all of Gillian Flynn’s works adapted for the big/silver screen by Reese…

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    Confession Time: Sometimes I Don’t Want to Read

    Happy April, everyone! I can’t believe we are already four months into 2018. It’s already Spring! It’s supposed to be getting warmer! And my favourite part: Days are longer! It’s been quite some time since I last did a personal update, so I thought I’d share what is going on with my life right now, which seems to be going against a book blog, but stay with me, it doesn’t: I haven’t felt like reading these past months. Yes, you’ve read it right. In the past two months I have only managed to finish reading one book – albeit a chunky one, but one nonetheless. It is not the first…

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    New Year, More Reading: A Personal Update

    It’s been a while since I posted a personal update as I have been focusing on reviewing all the fantastic books (seriously, 2018 is off to a fantastic start!) that I got for Christmas and from publishers as well. So, let’s just dive right in! First things first: The She Writes series have come to an end with Margaret Atwood’s interview last Friday and I have to say, I’m sad to see the series go. I started planning these interviews last summer, and week by week they came to life thanks to all the amazing writers who took some time off their busy schedules to answer my questions. The experience…

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    End of the Year Plans

    It’s been a long time since I last did a personal update. But yesterday I realised that 2017 is ALMOST done. How did that happen? If I want to do all the reading and writing that I had initially planned for this year I’d better get started! So here are some plans for what’s left of 2017: I have selected some books that I must read before the new year comes. I won’t share the list here, but I can tell you that most of them are crime fiction written by women (no surprise!), and I have been waiting a long time to read them. But is there a time…

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    Summer Break

    Dear all, Books & Reviews will go on a summer break starting today. I’ll use this time – the first real summer break I have in 3 years – to relax, and enjoy my time with my family, but also to develop new content. I will be back soon with new ideas, new books, and lots of crimes. I hope you all have a wonderful August too, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve all read during these weeks. Love, Elena xx

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    Summer 2017

    After 3 months, 4 cities, more than 5 different bedrooms, and lots of trains, buses, and airplanes I’m finally home and ready to enjoy it. Even though I still have some PhD work to do, I plan on taking some time off next month – still to be negotiated with my supervisors – to enjoy my family, cook, go for walks, spend my days at the beach, and read, read, read. As I have received lots of review copies when I was away, I already have a pile of TBR summer books. I do not think any of the books that I have chosen will be in any ‘Summer 2017…