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    Gave Up: The Rabbit Back Literature Society

    I first heard of The Rabbit Back Literature Society by┬áPasi Ilmari Jaaskelainen, at Book Depository’s “What’s new” section and I fell in love with the title. So, I asked the publishers for a review copy and they kindly sent me one. Pushkin Press focuses in translated fiction: The Rabbit Back Literature Society is translated from its Finnish original by Lola Rogers. It describes the journey of Ella Milana, a Finnish literature teacher who has returned to her native village where there is a literary society founded by well-known author Laura White. The society only has 9 members out of the 10 they can have, and when Ella is invited to…

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    Two Books I Give Up On

    I’m not one for giving up on books. For many reasons, but mainly, a book is someone else’s project. Someone had an idea and worked hard on it: wrote it, got an agent, got a publisher, finally got it published. And then the book finds its way to you as a reader. But these two, I just couldn’t bear to turn another page. A little voice inside me cried every time I sat to read them telling me there is a pile of books with which I’d rather spend my time with: 1. The Pleasures of Men by Kate Williams. Everything in this book made it sound like a perfect…