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    The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

    I bought The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton two years ago and although I read until page 230, I gave up. There was something in the story that failed to catch my attention and I found the pace too slow. A month ago, too intrigued by The Distant Hours, also by Kate Morton, I decided to ask the publisher for the book, but silly me, I got the titles mixed up and ended up asking for The Forgotten Garden. So, after all, I decided to give it another try and I could not be happier I did. Buy at Book Depository: A lost child …On the eve of the First…

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    Best Books of 2011

    2011 has been a great reading year for me. I tend to take into account the quality of what I read and not the number of books I read. Sometimes, a single book can change your life in ways that fifty other books did not. So, I am happy to say that I read books that reminded me of how much I love sitting on my bed, with a blankett and a good book. Or how it can help me to read a few chapters of a book I love to keep on working on those awfully boring papers for school. Here you have, Books and Reviews’ best books of…

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    Best Books – 2010

    2010 has been a great reading year. From compulsory readings at Uni to best-sellers to chillax, I’ve enjoyed every single page of every new book that has fallen into my hands. Here are the best ones: Prose & Fiction: The Constant Gardener (John LeCarré) – It has everything: crimes, love, social criticism and a wonderful setting: Kenia. The Awakening (Kate Chopin) – The story of a woman who rebells against society in the early 20th century. The Help (Kathryn Stockett) – Life in the 1960’s was easy, if you were not African-American or a Southern Belle in Jacksonville. This is the story of those women. The Woman in Black (Susan…