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    You Do You by Sarah Knight: Non-Self-Help Books that Change Your Life

    I first crossed paths with Sarah Knight when she was still working in New York City as part of the team behind Jessica Knoll’s debut novel Luckiest Girl Alive. Shortly after that, Knight went freelance and since then she has become the author of a series of non-self-help books that have changed my life (for real). Knight’s first book The Life-Changing Magic of Not-Giving a Fuck (2016) is a love letter to selfishness prioritizing your own well-being over social conventions and responsibilities. As a young woman earning responsibilities  – some of them willingly, some others not so much, I found the book really helpful and funny. Knight knows her audience…

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    Interview with Paula Hawkins for Crime Fiction Association

    As many of you now know I am also a freelancer writer and an organiser for the Captivating Criminality 4 conference, an annual event organised by the Crime Fiction Association. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview writer Paula Hawkins (The Girl on the Train) yet again for the Association’s blog and we discussed women, crime, and her latest novel Into the Water. To read the interview, click here.

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    Author Interview: Helen MacKinven author of Buy Buy Baby

    It’s my turn to bring a very special book tour to an end: Buy Buy Baby by Helen MacKinven in a novel about motherhood, domestic abuse, relationships and what society tells women to measure. In Western, affluent countries motherhood is constructed as a women’s ultimate goal in life, and the only one that will make her happy. Not only that, but the media are also on the hunt of ‘baby bumps’ scrutinising female celebrities’ bodies in every week. Jennifer Aniston wrote a very good article for the Huffington Post on the millions of times she has supposedly been pregnant stating that: This past month in particular has illuminated for me…

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    Exclusive Interview: Megan Abbott on Girls, Feminism, and Crime Fiction

    Today and I am very happy, excited and proud to welcome American author Megan Abbott to Books & Reviews. After reviewing her upcoming novel You Will Know Me (out next June), I contacted Megan to talk about her middle-class American girls signature narrative, feminism, and many other topics that I thought would be interesting for those of us who do feminism, crime fiction and female main characters. Welcome to Books & Reviews Megan, and thank you for everything: You have inscribed the female teenage experience in contemporary crime fiction inaugurating a new crime fiction subgenre. Why and when did you decide to start writing about female teenagers in such a…

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    Exclusive Interview with Dolores Redondo, Author of The Invisible Guardian + Giveaway

    A few weeks ago I read and reviewed a Spanish crime novel that left me almost speechless. El guardián invisible by Dolores Redondo has been on the Spanish best-selling lists for 3 years, and there is a reason why. You can check my spoiler-free review here if you missed it or download a promotional PDF here. Now, the novel is being released in the UK next April by Harper Collins under the title The Invisible Guardian. To celebrate I have had the pleasure of exclusively interviewing Dolores Redondo and we are also giving away 5 copies of The Invisible Guardian, thanks to Hayley Camis from Harper Collins. Please read the…

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    Exclusive Interview with Rebecca Scherm, author of Unbecoming + Free Book Club Kit

    As many of you know, I loved Unbecoming by Rebecca Scherm. Her debut novel ponders on love, identity and what it all means when you are a young woman. So, I contacted Rebecca and she kindly agreed to answer some questions for me. Plus, Annie Harris from Penguin has allowed me to share this beautiful Book Club Kit with you all – click here to download it. I hope you enjoy it. 1. We could say Unbecoming is an identity thriller, because Grace’s identity becomes the main mystery in the plot. Where did the idea come from? I grew up watching Hitchcock films and reading noir fiction, and I held…

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    Exclusive Interview with Paula Hawkins, Author of The Girl On The Train

    The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins was one of the best novels I read in 2014, you can check my review here. I was lucky enough to get a very advanced review copy thanks to Alison Barrow, and I discovered one great thriller with a very complex and revolutionary female main character. Today, The Girl On The Train is finally being published by Transworld books and to celebrate it, author Paula Hawkins kindly answered some questions for Books & Reviews. Happy publication day, Paula! How did you come up with the idea for The Girl on The Train?  When I first moved to London and started commuting into…

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    Talking Feminism with Author Sarah Hilary + Giveaway!

    So, this is the amazing surprise I’ve been teasing you about for a week now! To celebrate the paperback release of Someone Else’s Skin by Sarah Hilary, I virtually sat down with her for the second time – see our first interview here – to talk about feminism, crime fiction and being a woman writer AND Books & Reviews is giving away one copy of Sarah’s debut novel Someone Else Skin. You can check my review here, but I will sum it up by saying it’s awesome, and Marnie Rome has become one of those inspirational, kick-ass investigators that help me in my busiest and darkest hours. Thank you, Sarah,…

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    Exclusive Interview with author Nicci French

    As a fan of the Frieda Klein series, I was even more interesting in interviewing who is behind the character when I learned it was a couple: Nicci French is the pen name of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French who also happen to be married. I contacted them on Twitter last week and they kindly answered five questions exclusively for Books & Reviews. Thank you! 1. What was the inspiration for Frieda Klein? Most women investigators are Dis or DCs, so why did you choose a psychotherapist? We’ve never really been interested in crime in itself. We’re more interested in the emotions that lead to crime, or result from crime.…

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    Exclusive Interview: Sarah Hilary

    Sarah Hilary wrote one of the best crime novels I have read this year, Someone Else’s Skin, and created a kick-ass female character, DI Marnie Rome. In between such awersomeness, she had time to answer some of my questions. Enjoy! Q. Someone Else’s Skin is your debut novel. Why did you start writing crime fiction? A. I’d always read crime and a good friend (good enough to get away with pointing out what a very dark mind I have) said I should be writing it. It took me a long time to get to grips with the demand of the genre, but now I feel at home here. Q. Marnie…