Books & Reviews is part of the Book Depository Affiliates Programme

What does this mean?

Here we love books, and also buying them. So, every time I write about a book, there will be a link to purchase it at Book Depository. If you do, first of all, thank you for taking into account my recommendation. Secondly, I will get 5% of your purchase, and I will entirely devote it to Books & Reviews.


Books & Reviews has no financing, except for the free review copies generously sent to us by publishers, publicists and authors. Elena, the author, has no financing for her PhD either, except that of her loving, always supportive and great parents and family. So, this little 5% is meant to help me purchase more books related to the main themes of this blog: crime fiction, feminism and women’s representation.

Thank you in advance for all your trust and support.

Elena x



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