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Life Lately: Fall and Reading

How come it is November 2018 already? I can’t believe how far this year has gone by and the many, many changes it has brought along. I got my PhD, changed jobs, and revived an old dream of mine I put on hold for very wrong reasons almost a decade ago. With so much going on, you can imagine (and see in the lack of posts) that I haven’t been reading that much.

The weather is a bit crazy in Spain right now, with snow falling mere days from sunshiny days. It is fall, but it does not really feel like it (yet). Meanwhile, I have all my sweaters on the ready and my boots by the door.

But everything is good: My new job means more than 10 hours of commuting every week, so I’ve decided to make up for that “lost” time by doing something bookish. Since I am completely unable to read while on a bus, I am discovering the amazing world of audiobooks, and even though listening to a crime story at 7 am is not always my jam, it is something I’ve looked forward to quite a few times in the past few weeks. My current choice is The Dinivers by Libba Bray, and I am loving it after my failed attempt at The Woman Behind the Window.  More on bookish listening soon.

I’ve also been experimenting with different working environments as my work as a freelancer allows me some freedom. I’ve now located a few spots where the tea is hot and spicy and the Wi-Fi connection is superb so I can get out of my (home) office. Kudos to my friend Mollie for reminding me of the joys of the freelance job.

As for my lack of reading, I’ve been very diligent on not feeling guilty about it. I work with books, and lately, I’ve been pulling 14-hour working days, 6 days a week. I am not wired to read when I am really tired, and I know that all I can do to unwind is curl up with my dog and watch some TV. I’ve been going with the flow of lately because I know that this is a sprint and things will change with the new year.

How have your September and October been? November can feel like a tricky month stuck between the summer holidays and Christmas, so what have you been doing/reading?

Elena x



  • Mollie Reads

    So glad I could remind you of those freelancer joys! Whew, girl, you are working a TON. More than 10 hours commuting?! You can get through an extra audiobook a week! That’s wild. So awesome though that you’re using it to your (bookish) advantage. I’m starting Persuasion by Jane Austen and I’m SO nervous… I’ve never read Austen before. I hope to love it. I have it on my Kindle and the audiobook. I feel you on the craziness of November, too. I’m trying to stay present. x

  • jessicabookworm

    Elena, September and October have been busy and have flown by for me too, as I also started a new job. I hope things settle down for you in November and you can enjoy snuggling up with your dog and a good book.

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