Four Non-Fiction Backlist Books for Women’s Month

March is Women’s Month and thought at Bodies in the Library we celebrate women writers all year long, this time I have decided to write about non-fiction backlists for various reasons. The first is that as I’m growing older I find myself yearning for more non-fiction written by women and about women. The books I have selected here are all have something in common: They will make you feel better. Reading them actually feels like sitting down with a good friend to talk about your problems.

The second reason to choose these books is that they are all backlist books so you will be able to find them at your local library, or in paperback editions if you want to purchase them. I have been thinking a lot about how I am very, very lucky to get a lot of books sent to me by publishers and writers, but with all the cuttings in public libraries, it is more important than ever to keep those spaces safe and open for everyone. More on this soon.

So, back to these kick-ass non-fiction women: All the books have been reviewed at Bodies in the Library, and you only need to click on the title of the book to go to my review. I can vouch for them, and I  can say that each and every one of these books made me learn so much about being a woman and life that I am thankful they were sent my way.

Spinster by Kate Bolick


Bolick’s book is presented as an exploration of her life as a single woman in contemporary society and her active choice to remain single. However, we are complex beings and we are definitely not defined by our relationship status and Bolick’s life as a writer for The Atlantic, as well as her passion for books, permeates the pages. It is the perfect reading to get you out of a reading slump if you ever found yourself in one, and it is also an inspiration to live your reading life to the fullest.

My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem Large Photo and Book 08122015

American feminist Gloria Steinem has spent most of her life travelling her native country to fight for women’s rights. In this memoir, she explores the consequences of her nomadic life and the pros and cons of not leading a conventional life. Obviously, the book contains lots of stories about her work as an activist as well as gorgeous pictures that even make of this a perfect coffee table book.

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck by Sarah Knight


Sarah Knight is the queen of not-self-help books and this one is the first the series. I will never get tired of recommending it to anyone and everyone around me, especially women. Why? Because society expects us to give a f*ck about so many things before we actually give a f*ck about ourselves! But don’t worry, Knight’s book even includes exercises to help you declutter your mind and become a better you: One that puts herself first.

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay


If we are going to talk about contemporary feminists, we can’t forget about Roxane Gay. Irreverent in her choices and an active political activist, Gay has broken down expectations about what it means to be a feminist. In the book, she explores the many ways in which we are thought to be failed feminists only to realise that it is all another tool to keep us down.

Are you reading anything special for Women’s Month? Do you have any recommendations? Leave them below!



  • Agnes Grunwald-Spier

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