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Read Come and Find Me (Marnie Rome #5) by Sarah Hilary for Free at The Pigeonhole!

As many of you know I LOVE the Marnie Rome series by Sarah Hilary. I have been reading the series for years now, I have even met Sarah and fangirled about how much I love Marnie. The series is thrilling, show a perfect combination of procedural and a traumatic personal story from a complex and inspiring main character. More importantly, the novels have been pioneers in the #readdiverse movement in crime fiction as they feature Noah Jake, a descendant of Jamaican immigrants and the first black and openly homosexual detectives in contemporary British crime fiction. Seriously, I can’t recommend the Marnie Rome novels enough.

Now you can too read Come and Find Me (Headline, March 2018) for free. Hilary is working with a new app which will allow you to read the novel in installments on your phone or via the web for free and before it’s published on 22 March. I think this is an AMAZING initiative as new forms of reading are emerging in the digital age and it is always a pleasure to explore them.There are still some places left on this innovative programme, so hurry up! Head over to The Pigeonhole and get ready to enjoy one of the best crime novels of 2018.

To sign up to read Come and Find Me head over to The Pigeonhole by clicking here.


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