Moving Forward: A Gofundme Campaign

Hello everyone!

I have some bad news and some goods and since I’m a big fan of being upfront and honest, let’s get down to it:

The bad news is that my only computer has decided to stop working on certain occasions. This past week it took me 20 minutes to start it because it was “hibernating” though why it was doing that, I sincerely have no idea. Then, the screen froze 4 times in a 2-hour period while I was editing my thesis (a 300-pages Word document). This is the second time I have serious computer trouble in the past 15 months and this is how I’m feeling:

As you can imagine, this has taken a toll on my writing as I am losing quite a lot of time trying to make the computer work. Apart from my PhD, I also have a part-time teaching job and I have been commissioned some pieces as a freelance writer, so my time is limited. But don’t worry, I have blog posts scheduled for the next 2 weeks and I hope that some early mornings during the weekends and some late nights will give me the necessary time for updating Bodies in the Library in the upcoming weeks.

The good news is that I have finally made the decision to open a Gofundme campaign to get a better computer and develop more and better work. As a student, teacher and writer, my work cannot be done without the necessary tools, and I think a computer that won’t crash is a great place to start. This idea has been in my head for more than a year now when two of my computers broke down within a week of each other, but I was hesitant. VERY hesitant. I still am, if I am honest, because this is not something people usually do in my country. However, being in the Humanities and the literary world I have seen good friends from all over the world get their work supported by an amazing international community who believe in reading and writing. So, rather than simply asking for money, I think of this campaign as a sponsorship (keep reading to see what I have in mind!).

I also want to make it clear that this decision comes after carefully considering other sources of support like publicizing Bodies in the Library, which is an option I never liked. This blog has been a constant source of happiness and freedom to express myself. I have experienced the love and support of the more than 2,500 readers and subscribers and I do not want to taint my content with ads I won’t be able to control. This blog is about crime, fiction and women and it should remain like as such.

Another option I have in mind for the near future is creating a Patreon. If you are not familiar with Patreon, it is a website where artists can share their work. In order to see what each artist do, you sign up for a monthly subscription (like a magazine) to their page that gives you access to exclusive content. I have this project outlined and as soon as I finish my PhD I would LOVE to start a series of vlogs about feminism, crime fiction and literature in general (stay tuned!!!!!!). But first? I need a good computer that will not let me down and which will allow me to edit videos.

So in short: This series of unfortunate events in combination with my up and coming projects have led me to open the Gofundme campaign. It has not been an easy decision, but I think that for now – until I can finish my PhD and get better equipment – it is the only one and I’m very optimistic about it smiling. If you have followed this blog for some time, you know that supporting artists (especially women artists) and the letters has been a passion project of mine for 7 years. My aim is to RESIST through thick and thin – PhD, jobs, relationships, loss, moving countries, political chaos and mayhem – doing what I love. and now you can help me do it!

I set the campaign up less than two days ago and I have already received some donations and the support of many people, which has been overwhelming and exciting. Contributions can be made as donations, but sharing is caring too, and this campaign will only be successful if you help me share it with a wider audience. Everything helps!

In the campaign you will find all details about which computer I aim to get, its price, etc. Some of you have already donated and I’m speechless. It will always thrill me to see people being kind and generous. THANK YOU. Donations can also be anonymous if you feel more comfortable doing it that way, that is up to you. However, I have made it a personal policy to send a thank you email to each and everyone who contributes. I will also be updating my way throughout the fundraising as I want to make it a transparent and sincere process. And now, time for th link! You can find it here backhand-index-pointing-down




  • Claire 'Word by Word'

    Good luck with the fundraiser, I just wanted to share that I use a chromebook laptop, which I recommend perhaps as a spare or as one you could dedicate to blogging and for checking social media etc, they are extremely economical, start up quicker than any laptop and lightweight for travelling. They are a different way of working, because there’s no downloading or hard drive, but for reliability and ease of use, brilliant.

  • J.Reid

    I started a gofundme to help with my business start up and even though I was scared I need the help and funding. As a single mother its hard starting up a business and I have no other resources or investors right now. After convincing myself that Gofundme was made for people to hear your story and to decide if they want to support your cause.

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