7 Crime Fiction Books for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, as I am a big, big fan of seasonal readings I thought I would share some of the books perfect for the scariest night of the year!

rebeccaRebecca by Daphne DuMaurier

A classic that never disappoints, Manderley will haunt you for years – and I am willing to say even decades – after you first encountered it. Some people swear by Hitchcock’s film adaptation from 1940, but I believe nothing beats the original. A young woman moves in with her new husband only to discover that the story he told her about his previous wife is not that accurate.

Perfect for: Domestic Noir fans.


The Savage Altar by Asa LarssonTheSavageAltar

Gearing up for white winters, even though if they are only in our imagination, The Savage Altar is the perfect nordic noir novel, written by a woman and with a strong and very complex female main character. It is the first in the Rebecka Martinsson series and it takes the young lawyer back to her rural hometown, and to people she thought she had left behind for good.

Perfect for: Fans of gritty and bloody crime fiction.


A9781860492594lias Grace by Margaret Atwood

Even though everyone has been raving about The Handmaid’s Tale for the last months, the truth is that Alias Grace is my favourite Atwood novel. Set in Canada in the 19th century and inspired by real events, the book tells the story of Grace Marks, who at 16 was accused of murdering her employer and his lover. But, did she do it?

Perfect for: Everyone! And fans of historical and psychological novels.


Into the Water by Paula HawkinsInto the Water

After the success of her debut crime novel The Girl on the Train, British author Paula Hawkins is back with a novel full of twists. Set in a small town in England surrounded by a forest and a powerful river, the novel follows Jules as she returns to her hometown after the death of her sister Nel. She is then faced with old family grudges, crimes, her sister’s obsession with magic, and her teenage niece.

Perfect for: Fans of British, haunting crime fiction.



PostmortemPostmortem by Patricia Cornwell

The first novel in the now famous Kay Scarpetta series is a classic on its own right. Published in 1990, it introduced the world to forensic doctor Kay Scarpetta and the world of forensics which, almost thirty years ago, was still toying with the idea of DNA identification in crime scenes. Can you believe it?

Perfect for: Forensic geeks.


Eileen by Ottessa MosfeghEileen Ottessa Moshfegh

Even though I did not really like this novel, it can the perfect pick for Halloween as it takes place in winter and the dirty and raw environment must be borrowed from a nightmare. Eileen Dunlop just before her disappears from her stereotypically New England town in 1964 where she led an unhappy life. But could Eileen be more than an unhappy woman in small-town America?

Perfect for: Fans of dirty American realism.


The-Bird-Tribunal-Vis-1The Bird Tribunal by Agnes Ravatn

This book was a favourite of most crime bloggers last year. Published by Orenda, exquisitely translated by Rosie Hedger, and winner of the English Pen Award, it tells the story of Allis, a young woman who leaves everything to take voluntary exile in a remote house with a strange man. A Nordic Noir Rebecca.

Perfect for: Fans of Rebecca and old school psychological thrillers.


Are you planning on reading any crime fiction this Halloween? Don’t forget to share your recommendations below! down



13 thoughts on “7 Crime Fiction Books for Halloween

      1. Very thoughtful placing of the DVD by the people we rented the cottage from. You can always reckon on at least one stormy afternoon on holiday in Cornwall in my experience!

  1. As you might remember I just read Rebecca for the first time and I LOVED IT. It’s timeless! Hope to get my reviw up this week.

    I’ve never read one by Cornwell if you can believe that. I might give Postmortem a try!

    1. I’m so happy you loved it, Laila.

      And please keep me posted on Postmortem. It’s a bit dated now, but it’s still very, very good, especially if you like procedural crime fiction.

    1. Thanks, Jacqui. I don’t think I can write any list of books written by women (life changing/classics/crime/psychological/interesting – you name it) and not include it. One of my favourites, and due a re-read very soon.

  2. I also love to read spooky, mysterious books this time of year, that why I love taking part in the R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril reading event. I am currently reading the Deep South murder mystery Assassination at Bayou Sauvage by D J Donaldson.

    1. Every year I wan to join the RIP event, and every year it’s sunny and hot in Spain and I just don’t feel like reading anything dark until November.

      I hope you enjoy your Southern mystery, it sounds fantastic!

    1. Eileen is… I don’t know how to say this otherwise, but it’s a nasty read. It is good for Halloween though! Let me know what you think please.

      And yes to Rebecca and Alias Grace. I’d be tempted to re-read them too if my TBR pile were not reaching a dangerous size.

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