She Writes

New Feature: She Writes

During the summer holidays I spent a lot of time thinking of my previous series Feminist Sundays, and how much I loved producing content that focused on women writers and feminism. A new concept popped up in my mind one day at the beach and I started giving it some thought. Here’s She Writes.

What is it? A post on a contemporary woman author. It will feature a small biography and some questions.

Why? Because I love working with women authors and even though it is 2017, they still enjoy less visibility than many of their male counterparts.

Where? At Bodies in the Library, on the Features section.

When? Every other Friday starting the first Friday of each month.

As I embarked on this project I thought it would be great if it featured art by a woman author. So I contacted Emma Anderson (you can follow her on Twitter here) with some basic ideas and she sketched an image for the series:


Isn’t it lovely?

That’s it for now. She Writes will be launched next Friday featuring one of my favourite contemporary crime fiction women authors πŸ˜‰



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