Books & Reviews was born as a blog where I could post reviews and my thoughts about what I was reading at the time. 7 years later, the blog has clearly shifted to crime fiction and women, and I wanted the new name to reflect this. This is how Bodies in the Library was born. There are quite a few reasons for this name. The first one is a reference to Agatha Christie’s novel The Body in the Library. Since this is a blog mainly focused on crime fiction and women, it was very important for me to keep the link between both. The second one is symbolic: Women have always written, but their work has been systematically ignored. Hence, it is of the uttermost importance to keep their bodies of work – the physical art- in our libraries.

You can now find the blog at

If you were previously subscribed using WordPress or your email account, the new domain should not give you problems. However, those of you who are using bloglovin’ or any other subscription, please remember to add our new URL! I am working on making this transition as smooth as possible, but if you have any problems, please please let me know here as soon as possible. Or…

You can now drop me a line at bodiesinthelibrary [at] gmail [dot] com

And with a new name comes a new image! Cleaner, simpler, focused on content. Posts will not appear in full, so that it is quicker to scroll down until you find what you’re looking for! Posts also include an approximate reading time, so that you can choose whether to read the post now, or leave it for later.

However, images are still important, and in an effort to make women writers visible each post will have a small biography and a picture of the author whose work I am reviewing. This little paragraph aims to bring more visibility to women authors, and the picture will work to make those bodies seen. There are real women out there writing books that will change our lives. We should acknowledge that.

 I have also created a new menu focused on crime fiction and women writers. Now you will be able to browse easily the different kinds of crime fiction. I chose the following labels:

  • Crime Fiction:
    • American – General crime fiction (standalones, thrillers, and series) from the US.
    • British – General crime fiction (standalones, thrillers, and series) from the UK.
    • Classics – Landmarks in crime fiction.
    • Domestic Noir – No matter where the novel is set, novels dealing with traditional domestic settings can be found here.
    • Events – Information and reviews about the crime fiction festivals, readings, and conferences that I attend.
    • Forensic series – As I am a die-hard fan of forensic series (Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs, etc), I thought they deserved their own category.
    • Nordic Noir – Novels from the North of Europe.
    • TV/Films – I love binge-watching crime TV shows, and I occasional review them here.
  • Features. Here you will find:
    • Essays that I have written here about topics close to my heart.
    • Feminist Sundays – The feminist series that I produced in 2013 and 2014.
    • She Writes new– Upcoming series currently in production. Stay tuned!
  • General Fiction. Even though crime fiction is my passion, I also enjoy reading general fiction by women. This section is organised by centuries because I still think the Brontës and Virigina Woolf will forever change our lives.
  • Nonfiction. I’ve grown to appreciate a good non-fiction read. All of them by women writers, of course.

The blog has also grown a lot in recent years thanks to the very supportive community of readers and commenters who visit the site every day. I have put a lot (A LOT) of thought into the following decision, and I hope it works out for you and me both:

  • Affiliate links. I am very lucky and I get many of the books that I want to read either directly from publishers or the authors themselves. However, I enjoy reading blacklists. I also want to be able to pay the graphic designer and artists that provide the blog with art. I will always link to the edition that I am reading and 100% of the money earned through these links will come back to the blog.
  • New contact form. Even though Bodies in the Library has an email account, it will be easier now to stay in contact.

I hope you like the new design. I could not sign off this post without saying THANK YOU to every and each of you for reading. I would love to hear what you think about the new image, the new format, etc. Leave your opinion in the comments below, and I will see you very soon! 😉




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