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A Little Personal Update (Winter is Here!)

Winter is here! Which also means Christmas! And Christmas lights! And Christmas sweets! And time off to watch stupid and corny Christmas films!

As you can see, my love for Christmas knows no boundaries. And that is what always helps me get through the fall semester. Now that I am the very proud owner of a feminist laptop, I have gone back to reading and writing 24/7. I have a few deadlines to meet, and I am also participating on the organisation of a conference on India studies. So, all is well as along as I am busy! This new routine has taken a toll on my reading, but I will be finishing Ferrante’s Neapolitan series this week, and I hope to get some crime fiction reading soon. I have only heard wonderful thing about The Bird Tribunal, The Ice Beneath Her, and Eileen, so I hope to devote some evenings to reading those novels.

Review: The Bird Tribunal by Agnes Ravatn at CrimeFiction Lover

Review: The Ice Beneath Her by Camilla Grebe at Crime at the Book

Review: Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh at The Writes of Woman

These past two weeks I have been reading books and watching documentaries and interviews on consent and rape culture. I will review the books here soon because two of them are novels, and they should be compulsory reading for teenagers and adults everywhere. We need to be educated about the underlying structure of rape culture. We need to understand why people blame the victim and stop doing it. We need to see that golden boys will not always be golden boys, and they should be punished. Hard to say and fight for when a rapist and golden boy has been elected president of the US.

Meanwhile, I have found my other true calling: Binge-watching Netflix! Netflix only arrived to Spain this year, and for the safety of my PhD I decided to avoid getting any kind of account or access. But by the end of October I couldn’t resist myself and I requested the one-month free trial period. I’m hooked. I am serious. I am rewatching Gilmore Girls in order to prepare myself for the 25th November revival. I am SO Rory, even though I aim at Lorelai so hard. Don’t we all want to be Lorelai? Isn’t she an amazing feminist role model? And isn’t Rory’s love for books contagious? I love my Gilmore Girls.

So, this is what has been going on behind the screen for the last month. I will keep working hard until my Christmas break so that I can take time off then to watch a lot of TV, get some reading done, and spend my time with my beloved ones. I know the Puppy will be thrilled to know that I will available to play go-and-fetch for hours!

How is November treating you all? And if you are a student, any tricks to survive mid-semester crisis?



  • MarinaSofia

    Dare I whisper that I’ve never watched Gilmore Girls at all?
    Mid-semester crisis I remember well – it was the Fifth Week curse (at Cambridge, at least, where the term started really late, end of September, beginning of October). It was the week when we’d lose our essays, the computers and printers and photocopiers would all die simultaneously, friends would cancel on you for no reason, and life just seemed pretty grim. No solution other than retiring to bed and refusing to engage with that week, but it does go away. Eventually.

  • cleopatralovesbooks

    I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on those books about rape and consent – a hard issue for people to examine. We have just started watching The Crown on Netflix, amazingly my OH is enjoying it as much as I am. So far November has been good, quieter social calendar means more reading time – yay!

    • Elena

      Thank you, Cleo.

      Oh everyone is watching – and loving!- The Crown! I think I should watch it as soon as possible. And I’m glad you’re having some me-time, Cleo. It’s SO important, even more important for women, I think. Enjoy it.

  • amanda

    I am excited for the Christmas season to be here–I love the decorations and the music and that by the time it’s over, the days will be starting to get longer again! (I’ve been driving to and from work in the dark which is NOT FUN.)

    I remember that this was always the time of the semester for me that was difficult to get through–it was soooo close to the holidays but not quite there yet and we always had so much work that I couldn’t even really do much else. It would have been nice to have had the Netflix option then–I think I would have used it! Actually, I’ve been debating getting Netflix myself. I’ve never seen Gilmore Girls, but I think I would really like it.

    Good luck with your end-of-semester studies! I look forward to your upcoming posts.

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