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A Little Break: Summer 2016

Dear all,

This summer has been exceptional in many ways. One of the reasons was that I got to keep researching during July to finish some very important work on my thesis that granted me an ‘Excellent’ grade from my university on my yearly plan. After that, I had planned on taking a few weeks off to read, review and recharge. But life had other plans and I was offered a part-time job that would pay for my university fees for the upcoming year. I also happen to love the job, and the two students that I get to tutor. However, this has meant staying in my hometown and working all mornings Monday to Friday. As you can imagine, this means early mornings, and half the time off to do all the things that I had planned, and no time to spend part of my break near the sea, where I am at my happiest. So, while I try to make the most of Spain’s heat wave while teaching, and my free evenings I have been reading less, and not writing at all. I have been meeting with friends, going for long walks, and trying to remember that this is how my Summer Break’16 looks and I should enjoy it.

I will get back to blogging and reviewing as soon as I can, as soon as I recharge and go back to my routine. But for now, it’s all about freedom, sun, and unexpected plans. I hope everyone here has a happy August and we’ll see each other soon!





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