First Look: Meagan Abbott’s You Will Know Me (Out June 2016)

Tonight I am inaugurating a new section on the blog. I have realised that I get a lot of review copies, and when they arrive I usually look at the edition, the cover design, maybe read a few pages, or the author’s bio if I don’t know them… So, it was time I shared this with you! The new section is called ‘First Look’ and you will find it filed in the Random category on the menu bar. I will try to keep it interesting showing you early review copies, or beautiful editions, but I will post about books that I get from my beloved one as well. I hope you enjoy it!

I was one of the lucky bloggers who got an early advanced review copy of Megan Abbott’s next novel You Will Know Me, to be released in the UK by Little Brown next June.

You Will Know Me - Cover

You Will Know Me - Back

 As I’ve said, it is an early advanced copy, so I am loving all the praise for Abbott on the cover, it is making me purchase all of her books and read non-stop for weeks. I really like the size of the edition as well, and the font is just perfect. It happens sometimes with ARCs that the font is either too big, or there are some mistakes, but this one is perfect.

Regarding the story, I am loving it. Although it arrived early last February, I put the book on the To-Be-Read shelf with the others. However, I was sharing some grief over my month-old reading slump this week with Simon Savidge on Twitter when author Paula Hawkins – remember that little book called The Girl on the Train? Yep, that Hawkins – stepped in and said I should give Abbott’s new novel a try. Because I love Paula’s style, and she has been over here and knows what I enjoy, I decided to give a try. What a bookish sixth sense! I read 60 pages in one sitting the other night. Doesn’t seem like much, but I started reading after I couldn’t sleep at 1 am and stayed awake for longer than I would like to admit to every worried about my sleep.

You Will Know Me tells the story of Devon Knox, a high-profile American gymnast who is willing to do everything to get into the Olympic team. The story is told from her mother’s point of view, and there are a lot of very dark and wise reflections on family life and mother-daugther relationships. I won’t spoilt it, and I am certainly sharing a much in-depth impression when I review it, but I can assure you this is definitely one book to keep an eye on this summer.

And now I’m off to read until my eyelids drop. Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “First Look: Meagan Abbott’s You Will Know Me (Out June 2016)

    1. Thank you, Cathy. I’d love to be in Ireland because a) I love the country and b) we could borrow books from each other all the time and it’d be FANTASTIC.

  1. I’m so jealous! I love Megan Abbott. She used to write noir before she started writing contemporary stuff. I highly recommend Queenpin and Bury Me Deep. I like her contemporary novels, too, but I think her best so far is The Fever. I can’t wait to read the new one (and to hear what you think).

    1. Hi, Priscilla! I haven’t heard any of Abbott’s noir works, but I did read The Fever a few summers ago and her writing was so powerful it made me feel delirious myself. I will hopefully finish reading You Will Know Me Soon, but if things keep this way – already on page 200 – I think it will be a very positive review 😉

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