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Long Time, No See! Spring Break, Life and Reading

If you check my last update, you can see that it’s been almost a month since I last wrote here. The reasons are many, varied, and come from very different events in my life. But life means change, and living means getting used to these changes the best you can, with the help of your beloved ones (to whom I will forever be grateful!). So bear with me, because there is no better way than to read through everything in life, both good and bad 🙂

It’s a little tradition over here to discuss Spring Break, because right before I go on holidays in March I usually feel I need a break like a need breathing. Now that things are slowly going back on track – or off, but there’s change! – I plan on spending my deserved Spring Break peacefully reading, although I was just noticed today that some paperwork needs to be taken care of.

I am currently reading Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll and I love it, but I can’t tell you more because it is the first book I am reviewing as a (semi?) professional reviewer for Los Angeles Review of Books, a place where people share my love for all things Foucault.

As usual, I have no idea what I will read next, but I have been so lucky as to have Irish crime writer Janey Casey send me two of the novels in her Maeve Kerrigan series. Talking about Ireland – a country to which I profess an irrational love – I finally bought a second-hand edition of Tana French’s In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad #1). I have heard only wonderful things about her and her works, all by people whose taste and criteria I trust, so I am very excited to get to know her. And, I also finally bought Gone, Baby Gone by Denis Lehane, because a good friend of mine has been insisting on how much I would love the novel.

You have been writing a lot, so I will check all the posts on my Feedly, even though they are more than 100. I just don’t feel comfortable hitting the ‘Mark All as Read’ buttom, because I follow many of you on Twitter, and I have seen some very interesting reviews going around. I just need a good cup of coffee and a few days to read them all.

Because I’ve been away a long time, so I would love to hear what you’re reading and what you’re doing on Spring Break. Any reading planned?



  • Leah

    I hope you have a lovely, relaxing spring break! It’s so cool that you’re reviewing for the LA Review of Books!

    • Elena

      Thank you, Shannon! I loved it, and if you get to read it, I’m very interested in hearing what you thought of it. It is veeery good.

  • crimeworm

    Wow! I’m SO impressed you’re reviewing for the LA Review Of Books – I read a lot of their reviews, and they’ve persuaded me into buying a couple of books they made sound just TOO tempting (that’s all I need, now, you reviewing and adding to the problem! Lol!) I’ve got Luckiest Girl Alive but goodness knows when I’ll get to it – I’ve got a couple of special posts in the pipeline… And of course that’s you a professional – it’s one of the big literary journals, and you’re getting paid to write, so things are definitely looking up. And I think you’ll enjoy In The Woods, and Gone, Baby, Gone – I LOVE Dennis Lehane, and although it’s not absolutely my favourite of his, it is a great book. Look forward to your thoughts on both! And again, huge congratulations!! xx

    • Elena

      Thank you, Linda 🙂 For now I have only been asked to write a review, let’s see if they like my work. And I think you should pick up Luckiest Girl Alive as soon as possible, it is very good.

      Can you believe I have never read any Lehane or King? I feel so terrible about it…

  • MarinaSofia

    Take it easy, don’t try to catch up with everything at once – the posts will still be there for whenever you get around to reading them. Have a well-deserved quiet break! And look forward to your new life as a professional reviewer – well done!

    • Elena

      Awww you’re always so nice, MarinaSofia. You always know the right things to say, so a huge thank you for your kind words and constant support. I had a wonderful break, even though I ended up doing some massive spring-cleaning. But if felt good, cathartic, even 🙂

  • Alice

    I work, so alas only a four-day bank holiday weekend for me. I’ve got a few books I got at Daunt Books Festival, so I’ll be trying to make my way through those.

    Very exciting that you’ll be writing for Los Angeles Review of Books! I look forward to reading your review there. 🙂

  • amanda

    Funny how life gets in the way, isn’t it? 😉 I’ve been very neglectful of all things bookish and bloggish lately, but I’m hoping to get back to reading more as spring progresses. I certainly know what it’s like to “mark as read” or skim through others’ posts! Don’t stress about catching up–that’s the nice thing about posts; they’ll wait. I hope you have an excellent break full of enjoyable reading.

    • Elena

      Thank you for the support, Amanda. As you may have seen, I haven’t read any posts yet, but I hope to catch up as soon as possible (and it’s been almost a month since I wrote this post!). How are you doing now? x

  • cleopatralovesbooks

    It is good to see you back, you’ve been missed. Jane Casey is one of my favourite authors and I’m sure you’ll enjoy Maeve Kerrigan and Tana French writes consistently excellent books, even better each one is different. You must be thrilled to have a book to review for a professional publication.

    • Elena

      Awww, thank you, Cleo. Such nice words 🙂

      I’m currently reading In the Woods and it’s a good one, but also very tough! I’ll keep you posted on Casey as well.