Coming Soon: Books & Reviews’ Best Books of 2014

Lovely Readers,

Just a quick note to let you all know that, following B&R’s tradition, a list with the 10 best books of 2014 will come out on New Year’s Eve. Another reason for this late release – since I have seen many of you publishing your lists already – is that I am still reading and reviewing great books. Thank you for your patience and I hope to see you around on the 31st!

Elena xx


9 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Books & Reviews’ Best Books of 2014

  1. Looking forward to it! My year-end list isn’t coming until the end of the month, either. What if I read a book in the next few weeks that I really love?!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca. It’s great to hear you’re reading despite the pre-Christmas madness of food, wrapping paper and shopping 🙂

  2. same thing here, I never understand why all these best of the year in December. I plan to read at least 10 also in December, so all my stats will be much different than at the end of November, and I may find another gem!

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