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Summer is Finally Over

Even though I decided to start working on my PhD on the 1st of September, I gave summertime 15 more days to fade away. The reason is that I believe in smooth transitions, so 15 days have been more than enough to say goodbye to the summer and create a new, working-at-home routine. But, I will tell you about how excited I am to be back to work again in another post. Let’s review the best of Summer 2014.

  • In mid-June I posted about the books I wanted to read this summer, knowing that I am not good at planned reading and that I was giving myself freedom enough to drop out of the list any time I wanted. I read for of the books on the list, which gave me quite a satisfaction but also let me room to discover and enjoy unplanned and new readings.
  • You all adored a Top Ten Tuesday post on underrated crime fiction works. I am very glad you did and I hope that if you read any of those books you come back so we can have a little chat.
  • I read two crime fiction classics that I had to read, because otherwise I did not want to call myself a crime fiction fan. The Murder of Roger Acrkoyd by Agatha Christie and Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers.
  • I had the pleasure to host Sarah Hilary once again talking about feminism and crime fiction.
  • I discovered and fell head over hells in love with Elementary. Because Lucy Liu plays Watson.
  • I fell out of my imaginary love for Meg Wollitzer when I read The Interestings. I really wanted to like the book, it just didn’t happen.
  • I was right. It was going to be a long, hot summer.
  • Books & Reviews reached more than 800 followers. THANK YOU 🙂

And you all, are you all back to work again? What did you do this summer?

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