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July Reading

Although I enjoy free time in both June and September, I very much consider July and August to be my summer months. And being already 31st of July, this means that summer is almost over. Well, not exactly, that was one big exaggeration, but the 1st of August marks the middle of the summer and it is time to check on what I wanted to do this summer and face it with what I have actually done.

Back in July I wrote a Top Ten list of books that I wanted to read this summer knowing that I wouldn’t read them all, but writing that list helped me sort my reading priorities. You can revisit the post here. Ouf the 10 books, I have read only one: East of Eden of which I wrote a study guide I’m pretty chuffed with. However, since I wrote that list on the 17th and it’s summer, I’ve decided not to give myself a hard time about it. Plans are made to be broken and adapted! In July I read 4 books:

  • East of Eden by John Steinbeck.
  • Linda, as in the Linda Murder by Leif G.W. Persson.
  • Strange Girls, Ordinary Women by Morgan McCarthy.
  • The Fever by Megan Abbott.

These four books pretty much stand for the diversity of stories that I wanted to read this summer: a classic, a Scandinavian crime novel, a story about women’s lives and a contemporary American author. Now I only have to review three of those books!

I also reviewed Top of the Lake, a crime fiction show that breaks away with masculine traditions on the genre thanks to an amazing female police as a main character who investigates the rape and pregnancy of a local 12-year old in her hometown in New Zealand. Could it be more different?

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Marina Sofia about my passion for crime fiction. Big thank you to her for making one of my dreams come true!

I received some awaited review copies and some other unrequested ones. Because I do not live in the UK, I do not get as many unrequested review copies as other bloggers do, so I am always thankful for the extra-bookish love. These were the books I received this month:


So, now that August is already here, I’m thinking of allowing myself to read what I want, because I feel like it. Since I am to start my PhD next September and I’ll be reading on a tight schedule, I think the best way to wave goodbye to the amazing summer 2014 is by reading as much as I want and whatever I want to.

What have you planned for August 2014? Are you following any Summer 2014 reading plan?



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